Uira Natura ko i Tokerau:

New Zealand AID programme that built solar-arrays on all the atolls in the Northern Cook Islands.

The project was funded by NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

Construction was by Powersmart Solar NZ.

This extraordinary project means we are no longer dependent on shipping diesel fuel from Auckland.

Meitaki Poria

We are now reaching for a carbon-neutral way-of-life at Tongareva. We want to replace our motor-bikes and pick-ups with electric vehicles: these will soon be commercially available (Yamaha & Honda planned to sell them in 2016). We will also replace petrol outboard-motors with solar-powered ones (already available in Queensland, Australia). The third component is to get some solar-powered cookers (widely used in Mexico, Central America and India). Those three ideas mean we stop importing hydrocarbon fuels and gas entirely: dropping our carbon footprint