As the atoll worst affected by climate change impacts in Kuki Airani ~~~ and being a subsistence culture relying on Nature for our food supply ~~ and wanting our future generations to enjoy a simple, peaceful, yet abundant life-style ::: we decided we cannot wait for some remote governments to decide what do about these global problems. The time is now dear friends. Walk our Talk.


solar oven

(American Sun Oven)

All done with mirrors!

Awesome organic bread (haraoa)


solar outboard

48 Volt system (All4Solar, Australia)

Funded by GEF-SGP  Meitaki Poria!


Storm Rides E-scooter, Auckland : This is the best yet

72 Volt system ~ charged from solar. SAVE FUEL, STAY COOL !!!

This is the 1st E-vehicle on Tongareva - YES!


A simple way to understand what is happening is to calculate the CO2 you produce each month. We can use Emissions Factors to keep it simple.

The more fuel you use, the more you contribute to the greenhouse gas problem.

There are many online resources to help you, but we give what we do here.

Maybe you want to know about air travel, or shipping, or war? Go & search the web.


These are kgs of CO2 (carbon dioxide) produced for each 1 litre of hydrocarbon fuel used.

Jetfuel = 3.5 kg CO2e (equivalent)

Diesel = 2.7 kg

Petrol / 2-stroke oil = 2.5  kg

Petrol = 2.3 kg

LPG = 1.5 kg