Habitat restoration

The area by Ava Rima on Mangarongaro had many dead trees, some initial damage was from a fire several years ago. By far the biggest problem is impacts caused by climate change. Increased solar & u/v radiation; high levels of wind-borne salt; limited rainfall so trees cannot flush out excess salt.

To help our long-term food security we've been replanting. Senior students from Hapii Omoka helped three times with fieldwork during 2015.

This achieves three things: the young ones learn that Nature takes time to grow; that we must plan ahead; and they now have a direct stake in their own future.

In 2017 things have got a lot worse. The area above has now lost most trees. It is hot, bleak, the soil is dry and there is no shadow.


BUT HEY! here in December 2018 we have some great work going on!

Please see our SGP page and link to Akasusa

We are very pleased with our awesome work.